Review of Styrene Market on December 27

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Review of Styrene Market on December 27

on Thursday (December 27), crude oil prices fluctuated, the external market in Asia was relatively flat, the domestic styrene market price was basically stable, and negotiations and transactions were limited

East China market: in the morning, the quotation of mainstream traders in East China styrene market was 10850 yuan/ton (out of tank in Zhangjiagang), the mainstream negotiation price was yuan/ton (out of tank in Zhangjiagang), and the buying intention was about 10800 yuan/ton (out of tank in Zhangjiagang). For a transaction, just press the reset key in the main interface to automatically reset the whole process. In the afternoon, in the East China styrene market, low price goods were limited, and the transaction was flat

South China market: in the morning, sporadic sellers in South China styrene market had an intention of RMB/ton (delivery), and the transaction was limited In the afternoon, the negotiation and transaction price of Styrene Market in South China was yuan/ton (delivered in Guangzhou), and the negotiation and transaction were limited

influencing factors and market trends: crude oil prices fluctuated and consolidated, domestic styrene market was weak, low-cost goods decreased, experimental curves, experimental force values, and results were judged. Recently, there were relatively many market arrivals, and market participants expected that the domestic styrene market would stabilize and consolidate in the near future

note: the reprinted contents are indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting the information revealed by Brazilian ambassador to China valdema carnero Leon a few days ago, and rarely met in China. It does not mean to agree with his views or confirm the authenticity of his contents

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