Review of TDI market in North America in January 2

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Review of TDI market in North America in January 2009

the price of TDI market in North America decreased by cents/pound in December. As long as the measuring circuit has no shortcomings, the buyers have made great efforts to reduce the price, and Bayer materials technology announced after the market trading volume festival that the company plans to close the MDI plant near Rio de Janeiro in July 2015. There is no sign of amplification, and the TDI market price that lacks support may continue to fall. Under the circumstance that many buyers complain that the TDI market price in North America is still higher than that in Europe and Asia, but the export proportion of extruders is still low, the TDI price in North America, which has experienced a similar decline in January, is still under pressure. Many buyers actively called for continued price reduction in the TDI market, while manufacturers made cautious bids based on costs

North American TDI production maintained a significant adjustment due to the continued weak demand from major automotive and construction sectors. On November 19, BASF announced the suspension of its TDI production plant in geismar, Louisiana, as one of the measures to deal with the bleak demand. Other manufacturers shut down production lines or produce on demand. BASF also announced on January 13 that it would officially close its automotive touch up paint production plant in Belvidere, New Jersey, before December 31, 2010, and the products currently produced by the plant would be transported to other BASF plants

at present, it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of the U.S. government's assistance funds for the U.S. automotive industry, so it is uncertain whether the automotive industry can wake up the demand for polyurethane chemicals. After the Senate rejected the $14billion rescue plan, a total of $17.4 billion in emergency loans was allocated from the U.S. government's $700billion financial rescue plan. The construction industry also suffered a heavy blow, and it is unclear whether the market can recover this year

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