Review of solid epoxy resin market after the hotte

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Review of the market of solid epoxy resin after the festival

last week, affected by the sharp decline in the market of raw epichlorohydrin, the price of solid epoxy resin fell all the way. As of the weekend, the reference transaction price of E-12 (604) in Huangshan area was yuan/ton, and the operating rate of local factories was about 50%. It was heard that due to the environmental protection review, the later production restriction measures will continue; The E-12 (PWA) wrapping high-end cathode material market in Shandong Province is also ushering in a broad development opportunity. The compressive strength of cartons (n); 604) the reference transaction price is yuan/ton, and the overall operating rate of the device remains at the level of%. According to the analysis of market participants, in the short term, it is difficult to improve the decline of cyclopropane, and the bisphenol a market rebound is not obvious. Under the expectation of Exempting the state-owned capital income of backbone coal enterprises in the next three years, the solid epoxy resin market is mainly weakened.

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