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Review of the Styrene Market in the domestic market yesterday

the domestic first styrene market fell, and the market negotiation was general,

East China market: the Styrene Market in East China fell, and the negotiation atmosphere was weak. In the morning, the quotation of Styrene Market holders in Zhangjiagang was at the level of yuan/ton, and the buying intention was about yuan/ton. The market was slightly soft, so it was difficult to negotiate; In the afternoon, the closing price of Styrene Market in Zhangjiagang was yuan/ton, down 50 yuan/ton from yesterday. The downstream demand was OK. After all, the technical problems of the market were broken through one by one, and the transaction price stabilized

South China market: the Styrene Market in South China fell, with few trading. In the morning, the intended selling price of Styrene Market holders in Guangdong was yuan/ton. Affected by the decline in oil prices, the market atmosphere was calm and the negotiation atmosphere was calm; In the afternoon, the closing price of Styrene Market in Guangdong was yuan/ton, slightly lower than that of the previous trading day. Due to the continuous decline of oil price, the shipment intention of cargo holders was obvious, and the transaction focus was shifted downward for the smooth progress of the project

market trend analysis: driven by the decline of crude oil and external market, the domestic styrene market remains weak. Supported by downstream demand, the inventory pressure in East China has been greatly reduced, and the shortage in the northern market is obvious. There are signs of stabilization in the styrene market, and the decline has slowed down. It is expected that the domestic styrene market will still be mainly adjusted in the short term, with little room for decline

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