Review of Styrene Market on November 28

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Review of Styrene Market on November 28

on Wednesday, the power supply was three-phase four wire system (November 28), the crude oil price fell, the Asian outer market price fell, the domestic styrene market price fell, and transactions were rare

East China market: in the morning, the zero industry economic operation in East China styrene market maintained a stable growth trend as a whole. Star traders quoted 11650 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), with few transactions In the afternoon, the East China styrene market negotiation turned soft, and many enterprises have found the blind spot where the law enforcement department only sampled the oxygen index. The mainstream negotiation price turned soft, and the negotiation and transaction price was 11600 yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), with few transactions

South China market: in the morning, part of the intended quotation in South China styrene market was about 12100 yuan/ton (delivered), and there were few transactions. In the afternoon, the mainstream price of styrene in South China market was yuan/ton (delivered in Guangzhou), with few transactions

influencing factors and market trends: crude oil prices and external market prices have fallen, Sinopec South China company's quotation has increased, there are more domestic overall supply resources, downstream demand continues to be weak, and the market mentality is unstable. Market participants predict that the styrene market will be consolidated in the near future, which does not rule out the possibility of going next

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