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Heroes gathered to express their views - "review of the Sixth China paint summit"

the "Sixth China paint summit" hosted by Jung was successfully held in Renaissance Shanghai Chunda youth qiangze Guoqiang hotel from April 22 to 23. The meeting was divided into four parts: opportunities and challenges in the paint industry, how to develop raw materials and paint products that are truly suitable for the water-based paint market, and special discussions on water-based Wood Coatings and water-based automotive coatings. The novel organizational form enabled the speakers and the delegates to have a full interactive exchange and heated discussion. A group of college students from the University of New Mexico created a kysat ⑵ micro satellite using components printed by windform materials and selective laser sintering (SLS) technology

Mr. Zhang Jiujiang, a reach regulation consultant in the China Inspection and inspection reach solution, analyzed the discussion on the response of the coating industry to reach. The reach response of direct selling EU coatings and the reach response of downstream forms are described respectively. For example, the water-based coating system analyzed the solutions to the substances involved, as well as the measures in the implementation of REACH regulations, which were detailed and clear, and were highly praised by the participants

Mr. Le Huiming, senior engineer and Deputy Secretary General of coating branch of China Surface Engineering Association, introduced his understanding based on water-based coatings and their applications. Le Gong said that the output of automotive coatings in China in 2008 was 480000 tons, accounting for 7.5% of the annual output of coatings, including 320000 ~ 350000 tons of new car paint and 170000 tons of repair paint. The output of industrial waterborne coatings is 345000 tons, accounting for 5.4% of the annual output of coatings. Then it analyzes the current situation of the use of water-based coatings at home and abroad, the requirements of water-based coatings for equipment, and the construction and application of water-based coatings in the coating of automotive composites, which are made of alumina ceramic nano layers and graphene

Mr. feishilin, assistant sales manager of industrial products in East China of aseli company, explained the integrated scheme of color development, management and control. The comprehensive management scheme of color management is introduced in detail. The products mainly introduced are multi angle spectrophotometer ma68ii, ma98 xDNA, etc. the main components of xDNA package are best covered with plastic cloth, including: ma98 new spectrophotometer, and also includes x-colorqc software package, which can process the data of all characteristics of xDNA to generate simple and understandable charts, indicating the unique characteristics of a flash coating

Ms. Yang Naihong, manager of DSM Likang resin industry, introduced in detail the application of water-based resin technology in different coating fields. Typical applications in wood coatings are as follows: knobs impervious color sealer neocryl XK 350, examples of hard to seal substrates are analyzed, and the effects of neocryl XK 350 in different coatings are analyzed; Adhesion promoter between coatings for industrial floors, for example, neorad u-30w; Applications in plastic coatings include neocryl a-668 styrene acrylic lotion, etc

Mr. Wang Huawen, technical director of Hong Kong Bauhinia paint (Greater China) Co., Ltd.

Ms. Zheng Sulan, R & D Manager of Canada Milton paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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