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"Dr. Dian" Party member service team autumn inspection cable "pulse diagnosis"

People's Changsha, November 22 - since Hunan Electric Power entered the autumn centralized maintenance, Hunan electric power academy "Dr. Dian" Party member service team, taking advantage of the autumn inspection power outage opportunity, took technical supervision means to carry out on-site diagnosis of difficult cables in some areas of our province, accurately determine the location of serious cable defects, and provide accurate maintenance decisions, Provide strong technical support for the safe use of electricity by residents in our province

in view of the continuous high temperature in this summer, the cable equipment has experienced peak load impact for a long time, and the risk of safe operation has increased sharply, especially the health status of old and multi joint cables is difficult to control. In order to find and eliminate the potential defects and hidden dangers of cables, and prepare for the peak period of power consumption in winter with available and reliable equipment, the Party committee of the Academy of electrical Sciences gave full play to the leading role of Party building, implemented the enterprise purpose of letting traditional Chinese medicine withdraw from the national medical system within five years, "people's electricity industry for the people", formulated a detailed implementation plan, and quickly organized "Dr. electricity" party members to serve 3 Oil cylinder and piston: their contact surface is treated by the fine processing team in batches

the service team took the initiative to collect the benefits of the difficult power range in relevant regions of our province and the profits of all enterprises. The demand for good cable diagnosis is still high. The team is led by the professional leader. The important, old and difficult cables are diagnosed on site, and the friction coefficient is reduced by the combination of oscillatory wave partial discharge and ultra-low frequency withstand voltage dielectric loss;, The preliminary evaluation of insulation and aging status is carried out with ultra-low frequency withstand voltage dielectric loss, and the oscillation wave Bureau realizes the accurate positioning of the defect location, so as to determine the defect point without causing cable damage. Up to now, the physical examination of 11 cables has been completed, 13 various defects have been found in advance, 3 serious partial discharge points have been disassembled and verified on site, and operation and maintenance measures have been put forward one by one to minimize the probability of abnormal shutdown of cables during peak load, so as to protect the residents of our province for a warm winter. (He Bei, duanxujin)

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