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Owner's comments: Longmo Yuedong 80 single gear heat insulation and sunscreen car film use experience

Longmo Yuedong 80 single gear car film heat insulation and explosion-proof car film sunscreen film whole car film package installation

at 10:00 on January 4, the warranty will be extended to 10 years. For details, please refer to the following user's comments:

one month use experience: the film is very good, and the sticker is generally OK, It's just that the film applicator didn't pay attention to breaking the lower right corner a little and scraping several scratches, but the after-sales service kept asking about the situation, asking whether I was satisfied with the film, and I also responded. But as the weather turned cold, the customer service staff had a good attitude to deal with my situation, and promised the warranty, which made me feel very considerate and at ease

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Longmo Yuedong 80 single block heat insulation sunscreen car film

front block heat insulation material: metal

front block color: silver gray environmental protection bag, is it environmentally friendly

products for high, fine Jian hydraulic system brand: llumar/Longmo

model: Yuedong 80 series package

warranty period: 10 years and above

suitable models: cars for SUVs

purchase hot spots: safety explosion-proof

package type: whole car package front gear side rear gear

color classification: Yuedong 80 front gear high price 80 series -35f side rear gear middle hidden 80 series -15f side rear gear high hidden 1.4 15 seconds before 10 o'clock payment companion price

3 slag Portland cement Pozzolanic Portland cement and fly ash Portland cement service content: support installation

heat insulation rate: 30% (inclusive) -40%

light transmittance: 31% (inclusive) -40%

UV protection rate: more than 90%

size: other

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