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The "price reduction and insurance increase" of automobile insurance reform is obvious, and the market chaos still needs to "take the lead", so the comprehensive reform of automobile insurance has been running for nearly two months. The goal of "price reduction and insurance increase" directed by the reform has obvious effect, and the initial clamping force of the new situation of "double reduction" of premium and handling rate and "double increase" of insurance limit and commercial automobile insurance coverage rate is large

the reform of automobile insurance has achieved remarkable results, but the chaos of automobile insurance in some regions and some institutions still exists. "Among them, there are old problems that have not been eliminated, but also new problems that breed, and even driving license revision and insurance services appear in some places." A local regulator said

open a new situation of "double decline" and "double rise"

after the full month of comprehensive reform of automobile insurance, a group of monitoring data displayed by the regulatory authorities showed that consumers' automobile insurance premium expenditure decreased significantly, and the average vehicle premium decreased from 3700 yuan to 2700 yuan, with an average decline of 27%. 90% of consumers' auto insurance premiums fell, and the proportion of consumers whose premiums fell by more than 30% reached nearly 70%

the coverage rate of commercial automobile insurance and the amount of three liability insurance increased significantly. Among them, the insurance rate of car damage insurance has increased from 60.5% before the reform to 64.8% in each region. The insurance rate of three liability insurance for the Paralympic Games has increased from 83.8% before the reform to 88.5%, and the average insurance amount of three liability insurance has increased from 900000 yuan before the reform to 1.25 million yuan

the problem of high handling rates of automobile insurance, which has been criticized for many years, has been significantly improved. "A recent monitoring data showed that the average handling rate of national auto insurance was 11.6%, with an overall decrease of at least 20 percentage points." The head of the automobile insurance Department of a property insurance company bluntly said that the sharp decline in handling rates effectively curbed the market chaos of vicious competition by property insurance companies through high handling rates before the reform

there are still new and old problems intertwined in some parts of the chaos

it is learned from the industry that the current vehicle insurance chaos in some regions and some institutions can be basically divided into five categories

at present, the "organic and inorganic composite materials" that have long been abolished by the Ministry of public security appear in the market.

first, the competition problem of high handling fees has rebounded. After the reform, the fees paid and promised by some property insurance companies to 4S stores still exceed the upper limit of the handling rate at the time of filing. Especially in the field of new cars in 4S stores, some 4S stores raise the handling charges at the underwriting end, and also raise the prices of labor hours, accessories and other parts at the claim end, which has a bad impact on the market

second, a large number of orders are issued according to the "floor price" in individual fields. Some property insurance companies, in the household used car sector with higher price sensitivity, do not distinguish between models and individual risks, and basically issue orders at the lower limit of 65%, subjectively weakening the risk screening

third, the phenomenon of giving benefits outside the contract has not been eliminated. After getting the high commission rate, the salespersons of some automobile insurance agencies still attract customers to insure by means of cash back from sales. On the basis of low pricing through telemarketing channels, individual property insurance companies also give an additional cash return of 14% - 15%

fourth, the use of value-added service terms is disorderly. Some property insurance companies use value-added service terms not according to the company's service capacity and customer needs, but directly according to the maximum number of times allowed by the terms, which is suspected of using gimmicks to seize the market. In some regions, there are even institutions that quote more than half of the premium income for some high-end vehicle safety testing services, which are not operable and suspected of unfair competition

fifth, the cross provincial flow of non local businesses is emerging. Due to the differences between vehicle insurance rates and handling rates in various provinces, the number of inquiries and orders issued by intermediaries in different places has increased, resulting in some vehicle insurance group order business or channel business flowing from regions with low handling rates to regions with high handling rates. In some cities, there are even map revision and insurance services for driving licenses, which not only disturbs the market order, but also destroys the data base

"head up" is a "zero tolerance" for violations.

in view of the existing chaos, the regulatory authorities insist on "head up" is a fight. For the new violations of laws and regulations of property insurance companies after the reform, the banking and insurance regulatory bureaus will adopt "zero tolerance" after verification and strictly deal with them according to law. And urge property insurance companies to calculate the operating cost account, withdraw the insufficient premium reserve in strict accordance with the accounting standards and actuarial provisions, force the company to operate rationally, and prevent and resolve the operational risks of automobile insurance

"large companies should play an exemplary role, take the lead in complying with laws, regulations and regulatory provisions, and maintain market order. Companies should also carefully sort out new car business, and those that violate regulatory requirements must first rectify themselves." A person close to the supervision told me

for property insurance companies, the most important thing is to manage their own teams and partners. At the recent symposium on auto insurance reform, the relevant person in charge of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission emphasized several "don't": don't take the lead in competing for business through high fees or low prices; Do not publish false propaganda related to the reform, do not create "gimmicks" to compete for business or suppress competitors, and resolutely put an end to speculation, misleading sales and peer slander in the name of the comprehensive reform of automobile insurance. (Huang Lei)

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