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The upstream and downstream "integration" of automotive LED accelerates the in-depth layout of Taiwan enterprises in the mainland market

the upstream and downstream "strategic integration" based on LED lights is accelerating. Recently, Longda electronics and Zhengao electronics signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Guangzhou Zhengao electronics, founded in 2006, has been engaged in the production, R & D and sales of automotive lighting products such as xenon lamps, LED headlights, lenses, etc. The company has a production and R & D base of more than 10000 square meters

in the next ten months, Longda Electronics will provide core series products of no less than 2KK to Zhengao electronics; In addition, Londa Electronics will launch a component specially designed for LED lamp light source products in the third quarter. No matter in terms of luminous efficiency (lm/w), light emission per unit area 5, travel protection of electronic tensile testing machine: mechanical and computer dual protection brightness (lm/are see a on the scene) and heat resistance display, they will surpass commercial products, and will be given priority to zheng'ao electronics in the future

in addition to promoting the core series products for Longda electronic car headlights to Tier1 lamp suppliers in Chinese Mainland, it also launched three crystal, four crystal and six crystal packaged components suitable for LED lamp light source products

it is reported that Longda's core series products for electronic vehicles use ceramic substrates with the highest heat dissipation coefficient, flip chip and patented phosphor patch technology. This unique and efficient linear light source is the best choice for LED light source products

LED lamp light source products on the market are mixed. Lunda electronics has the experience of cooperating with Japanese aftermarket brands. At the end of last year, it launched high, medium and low-end products in the Chinese Mainland market at one go

Longda Electronics' accelerated layout of automotive LED business stems from the sluggish growth of traditional LED lighting and backlight business

Lunda Electronics' revenue in December 2016 was NT $1.05 billion, down 7.5% from November. In 2016, the annual revenue was NT $13.79 billion, with an annual decrease of 3.1%

looking back in 2016, Lunda's technology in backlight applications has developed steadily through the continuous introduction of new products. However, due to the bargaining competition of alternative lamp source products in the market, lighting has actively transformed to the development of integrated lamps

in the future, Longda divided by backlight and lighting, this series of products have the characteristics of stable and reliable operation, high adaptability to the environment, large measurement range, high resolution and precision. The engine will continue to stabilize the company's business, and will accelerate the development of products for special applications such as automotive, UV, IR, etc. Londa has shipped small quantities in the application part of headlights. Its core series LED packaging products use self-made flip chip LED. With its advantages of high brightness and high optical density, it has entered the headlights modification market

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