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Electric start small generator welder

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electric start small power generation welding machine | 230A diesel power generation welding machine (daze power toyoti) Product No.: to230a style hand push brand daze power rated output power HP 18 insulation grade F falling characteristics of electric welding machine single current regulation range a can attract customers' favor no-load voltage 65V working voltage V load duration 100% applicable welding rod φ Mm 2.0 ~ 5.0 electric welding at the same time, auxiliary power, rated output KW 5, maximum output kW 6, generator rated voltage V 220 (optional 380V), oil consumption 205g/kw H power factor% 100 working state continuous engine name 190F (yototi) engine form single cylinder in-line four stroke air-cooled diesel engine cylinder number 1 exhaust volume 418cc rated speed rpm 3000 starting mode manual starting | electric starting fuel model 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (winter) Other working environment temperature ℃ -20 ~ 40 oil tank capacity l 20 maximum size mm 770*510*660 net weight kg 120 noise DB 70 oil volume 1.05l continuous operation 12h

daze power generation welding machine can weld all kinds of ordinary electrodes alkaline electrode cellulose electrode 230A gasoline power generation welding machine The s ⑴ HM high-performance fiber introduced from Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd., a Japanese technology, can provide high-strength mechanical properties. This power generation welding machine is suitable for outdoor steel structure construction. There is no need to connect a fixed power supply. It can be welded anytime and anywhere. In addition, it has a 5KW auxiliary power supply for other power supplies on the site. The advantages of the electric welding machine are: the electric welding machine uses electric energy, which converts electric energy into heat energy instantly. Electricity is very common, The electric welding machine is suitable for working in a dry environment without too many requirements. Due to its small size, simple operation, convenient use, fast speed, strong weld after welding, it is widely used in various fields, especially for products requiring high strength. It can instantly connect the same metal material (or connect different metals, but with different welding methods). After heat treatment, the weld has the same strength as the base metal, The sealing is very good, which solves the problems of sealing and strength for the manufacture of gas and liquid containers. This product is available for users who often work in the field, have difficulty in using electricity, carry out mountain construction, develop villages, weld pipelines, cut-off emergency welding, and carry out engineering construction

after sales service:

1. All machines sold by the company are debugged and trained free of charge for their operators to use

2. The machines sold enjoy one year of free maintenance and repair services from the date of sale (except normal wear and tear parts)

3. After the warranty period, provide spare parts and maintenance services for a long time

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[recommended reason]: excellent quality, low fuel consumption, vigorously develop small, ultra-high precision, ultra-high speed and intelligent control processing equipment, simple, thoughtful service, construction, emergency, standby is the best choice

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