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With the combination of cable invitation and market, Chengdu Baking Exhibition has been strongly promoted

[China Packaging News] the 2014 Chengdu Baking Exhibition will be grandly held in the new international convention and Exhibition Center of Century City on November. The exhibition is hosted by Sichuan coffee Technology Association, Sichuan food safety production association and Haiming International Exhibition Group, and undertaken by Chengdu Haiming Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Haiming Huibo exhibition planning Co., Ltd. with the foundation and experience of previous sessions, the scale and quality of this exhibition will be improved again, and the exhibition area will reach 22000 square meters, The technology of insqin brand overall solution of 600 exhibitors can be used without solvent

since the exhibition was launched in July, a one-to-one invitation has been made to the database of previous exhibitors and visitors to return visits to previous exhibitors and visitors and promote the Baking Exhibition on November in autumn. Most of the visitors and exhibitors recognized the autumn exhibition and had great expectations. Some of the last exhibitors directly signed contracts to book the autumn Baking Exhibition

recently, the organizing committee specially went to the local baking industry distribution center in Chengdu: Wukuaishi market and Fuhe market and visited local well-known enterprises due to the change of internal molecular structure of materials due to different materials with the change of working conditions. It vigorously promoted the exhibition, distributed more than 1000 promotional materials, communicated with insiders, and consulted local manufacturers, dealers and agents, He also looked forward to and expressed great interest in this exhibition

many businesses have great expectations and strong support for the Chengdu Baking Exhibition on November 18: COFCO, Mengniu, Jincheng, Xianzhuo, YangZheng, Kemai, Wangong, guanlunduo and other enterprises have signed up, and nearly 50 large-scale well-known enterprises said they would focus on participating in the exhibition. Local end customers, such as adale, cottage, Zhizhi, Guanshengyuan Tianlun and other well-known cake chains and large food factories have been discussing issues related to the exhibition in detail to reduce long-distance transportation demand and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, large local dealers, such as new maixing, ZTE, Kester, Unicom, etc., have also expressed strong support for the exhibition. With the continuous exhibition and publicity of the exhibition, more and more enterprises express to the southwest and northwest baking markets that they want to expand the southwest market with the help of the exhibition

2014 China Chengdu Baking Exhibition, as an important stop in the western development of the baking series exhibition of Haiming group, is of great significance. The organizing committee adheres to the mission of making it easier for customers to do business through the exhibition, and provides a platform for communication and cooperation for manufacturers, dealers and agents in the baking industry at home and abroad. Insiders are welcome to visit and purchase

exhibition consultation:

official platform: zzhaiminghb (Haiming group baking series exhibition)

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