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Soft packaging enterprises: supply chain management is crucial

the "supply chain management" of soft packaging enterprises is not only indispensable, but also crucial. Forming a perfect supply chain with suppliers and customers is the key to winning from peers

for flexible packaging enterprises, "supply chain management" is not only indispensable, but also crucial. How to win in the same industry and whether to form a perfect supply chain with suppliers and customers has become the key factor to win

first of all, based on the characteristics of the production authorized by the flexible packaging enterprise, the uniqueness is reflected in both the raw material procurement and the product manufacturing process, which all come from the customer's designation. The type, quantity and specification of raw materials are developed according to the customer's order, and the patterns and words are determined by the customer. Once the product is produced, it cannot be repaired or reversed. By strengthening supply chain management, we can strengthen the fixation, accurate, timely and complete decomposition and transmission of this uniqueness, and reduce human negligence and randomness of production caused by information asymmetry

secondly, based on the current trend of lower profit margin in the flexible packaging industry, how to reduce the overall operating cost? It will become the focus of competition among various flexible packaging enterprises. For example, in the purchase phase, reduce the purchase cost of raw materials, reduce the purchase cycle, and reduce the inventory cost of raw materials; In the manufacturing process, the material loss is controlled by the defective rate of the lower pressing process; At the same time, the inventory of finished products is controlled by controlling the order structure, production plan scheduling, and shipment progress; In addition, the establishment of good storage facilities and the setting of appropriate storage conditions can ensure the storage quality of raw materials and finished products and avoid material loss due to improper storage. Choosing to cooperate with a suitable third-party logistics company can greatly enhance the timeliness of delivery and the convenience of service while reducing logistics costs

thirdly, based on the market competition faced by downstream customers, it is extremely important to change the packaging in the shortest time and launch new products in the shortest time according to the marketing strategy. Therefore, for customers of flexible packaging enterprises, the procurement and supply cycle and supply capacity of upstream flexible packaging plants are particularly important

based on the development status of the flexible packaging industry, the manufacturing link should not be ignored and must be done well, and the most easily ignored link is the warehousing and logistics link

many people may ask why the manufacturing process is put in the first place? This is too common. However, the most basic link is often not done well or not done well enough. In the current situation of more and more homogeneous competition, as a manufacturing flexible packaging enterprise, it is the foundation of the foundation that it has appropriate manufacturing capacity and can ensure the stability of product quality. We must have a production capacity that is compatible with the market, and do not restrict the development of enterprises because of the bottleneck of production capacity. This is the root of flexible packaging enterprises. However, whether the production capacity advantage of equipment and the leading advantage of technology can be transformed into the market advantage of the company, the manufacturing and processing ability is very critical. Why do the same enterprise scale have different production capacity! Why do the same equipment resources cause local stress concentration, but the factory delivery capacity is different. For downstream food, medicine and daily chemical products enterprises, as packaging material suppliers, the increasingly scarce environment of various resources, in addition to having abundant production capacity to meet customers' seasonal or even irregular order changes, must also be able to enhance the stability of components, systematically manage raw materials, manufacturing, logistics and other processes, and in the case of mass production, multi variety production and frequent order replacement, Establish a complete quality control system to ensure stable product quality and delivery date (pay attention to the outstanding parts of the machine). This is of great benefit to stabilize customers and build brands. It can be said that the flexible packaging enterprises are now fighting for quality, cost, service and price, while the improvement of quality, cost and delivery time is mainly in the production and manufacturing process, which lies within the factory. At the same time, as a flexible packaging enterprise with manufacturing as its main business, a large part of its cost structure is raw materials. Whether it can make money or save money, the most important and most direct thing is in the manufacturing process, that is, relying on the production workshop and strong production and manufacturing capacity to reduce the process defect rate, and then reduce the manufacturing cost as a whole. For example, at the same price, if you can produce finished products with a lower non-performing rate than your competitors, your profit margin will be larger than that of your competitors, and you can adopt a more flexible sales strategy than your competitors. Otherwise, even if the profit-making list is received, it will eventually lose money after the production process

under the current industry background, the importance of supply chain management varies depending on the specific situation of each enterprise. There are many reasons why the implementation of some enterprises is not smooth, but the key is the lack of systematic and professional management personnel. It is the lack of personnel who are fully familiar with and understand the production status of soft packaging material enterprises, and have supply chain management knowledge and management practices. Only with such personnel and the full authorization of the company's management can the supply chain management of soft packaging materials enterprises be implemented in place

source: China's flexible packaging industry

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