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Six technologies support Jiefang J6 gas vehicle "one big two provinces"

six technologies support Jiefang J6 gas vehicle "one big two provinces"

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natural gas vehicles have good energy conservation, environmental protection and fuel economy, and have gradually become the focus of attention of major manufacturers and users. With the construction of natural gas filling stations around the country, the situation that one gas is difficult to obtain has been gradually improved. At the same time, the quality of supporting on-board gas cylinder equipment is gradually improving, and the promotion of gas vehicles is also accelerating

now let's introduce the Xichai engine carried by Jiefang J6 natural gas vehicle and see how Jiefang J6 natural gas vehicle can achieve "one big and two provinces"

technology - cast aluminum doors and windows make spark plug cylinder heads to reduce water and oil leakage

small problems such as water and oil leakage will cause great damage to the engine if you don't pay attention to them. Xichai adopts a special cast spark plug cylinder head for natural gas engine, which reduces the occurrence of water and oil leakage and other faults compared with the press fit cylinder liner scheme

Technology II new material valve seat insert has a longer service life

the valve and valve seat insert are always in a high-speed, high-temperature and high-pressure impact state when the engine is running, and must be replaced when worn to a certain extent. The new generation of high-temperature resistant powder metallurgy materials are used for the valve seat of Xichai diesel engine. The wear loss of 100000 km is only 0.18mm. The service life is expected to exceed 800000 km, reducing the number of maintenance and replacement

technology III special bowl piston and piston ring group improve the sealing performance

in the process of high-speed operation of the piston, good air tightness and lubrication environment are required, which requires very high sealing performance of the piston ring. The bowl piston and piston ring specially designed and developed by Xichai improves the oil and gas tightness, prevents oil channeling, reduces oil loss, prevents carbon deposition and improves the reliability of the ignition system

technology IV cooperates with international well-known manufacturers to produce motion components

reliable performance piston and crankshaft are important motion components for power generation and output, and their performance is very important for the engine. The quality of piston, piston ring, crankshaft, bearing bush and other special moving parts for gas engine jointly developed by Xichai and Mahler, tibergtz, Miba and other international top parts suppliers has been improved, greatly improving the reliability of Xichai natural gas engine

Technology V imported iridium spark plug high-energy ignition coil plus half a year warranty

ignition coil and spark plug work together in series. Good insulation between spark plug and coil is required to ensure successful ignition. The American champion iridium spark plug is used in the ignition system of Xichai diesel engine, which is resistant to ablation, good ceramic insulation and breakdown. With high-energy ignition coil, no high-voltage line design, small energy loss, high breakdown voltage, and reliable ignition system performance. Moreover, Xichai also provides a six-month warranty period for the ignition system, which can be regarded as an additional benefit for users

technology VI special valve sensor has high precision

the special exhaust gas vent control valve, oxygen sensor and anti surge valve for gas engine are adopted, which has high precision, impact resistance and greatly improves the reliability and service life of the valve system

large displacement and high horsepower coverage horse in addition to high chemical resistance, the engine carried by Jiefang J6 natural gas vehicle is Jiefang Xichai Aowei series engine, with ca6sl2 series, 9L displacement and horsepower coverage; Ca6sm2 series, 11L displacement, horsepower coverage; Ca6sn1 series, 13L displacement, horsepower covered. A variety of horsepower sections can be selected to fully meet the needs of different users, while narrowing the power gap with diesel engines with the same displacement. The 13L model can provide the maximum 420 horsepower output, which can make up for the lack of gas power

two provinces: saving money and worry

single cylinder four valve + camshaft overhead +e-controls lean combustion technology

saving money is another magic weapon of Xichai gas. Xichai gas engine also adopts single cylinder four valve, which will promote the transformation and upgrading of downstream industries such as building materials, chemical industry and new energy with sufficient gas volume; Overhead camshaft design, less valve structure, higher camshaft transmission efficiency and accurate valve distribution. Four valve and overhead camshaft design make fuel mix evenly and improve combustion efficiency. At the same time, Xichai cooperates with American Murphy iken company to adopt e-controls lean combustion technology to match the energy saving of the whole vehicle, saving 2kg of gas per hundred kilometers, further improving the fuel economy of the engine

six special technologies + solar term technology ensure the reliability and economy of J6 natural gas products, and make J6 natural gas products become a money making machine that saves money and worry

user's voice: I believe that Jiefang quality expects both price and self weight to be reduced. Due to technical reasons, gas vehicles are expensive, self-supporting and difficult to maintain in later use. These three points are also important considerations for users when purchasing a car

according to Jiefang users, they are quite satisfied with the vehicle performance and after-sales service level of FAW Jiefang. They are more concerned about the price and weight of the vehicle. However, according to the vehicle information they have learned so far, it is generally hoped that the vehicle price and weight can be reduced. Especially considering that the price gap between gas and diesel is becoming smaller and smaller, and the price advantage of fuel is not very large, the cost of buying a car must be calculated carefully

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