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Supplementary safety technical measures for fully mechanized mining face construction instructions:

1506 fully mechanized mining face was initially mined on june26,2011. In the past few days, due to the high tail and low head of the working face, there have been slips, support slides and falls, causing the support at the upper end of the working face to move down by M. Therefore, the mine technology department decided to adopt 3M single column with 1m double wedge hinged top beam to support the roof after research. The safety technical measures are specially formulated as follows:

1. Add single column with hinged top beam at the end of the working face to control the roof. See 7 rows back to one row

2. The single column is arranged in a straight line with staggered supports and beams, and the row spacing is 100 without adjusting the balance of force measuring parts of 0mm, and the column spacing is 500mm

3. The double wedge hinged top beam is paved with metal, with a width of 1.2m and a length of M. The connection length with the overlap

shall not be less than 0.2m, and the 14\iron wire shall be connected in double strands, and the connection spacing shall not be greater than 0 Guided by the development needs of strategic emerging industries and backbone traditional manufacturing industry, the upper end shall be connected with the top of the air tunnel, and the lower end shall cover the first support

4. Coal wall management of the machine way: when entering the coal wall side of the machine way for operation, when the distance between the hanging beam, bracket and the shearer is 20m, withdraw the upper column to allow the unit to cut coal along the side. When withdrawing the upper column, first strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top, and find it in time. The suspension beam shall be carried out from bottom to top, the double wedge hinged top beam shall be inserted from bottom to top, and the back shall be firm. Double pins shall be inserted into the suspension beam. That is, the first knife hangs a 1\beam, the second knife hangs a 2\\\s beam, and the roof is supported in staggered steps. When retreating, it is carried out from bottom to top, and the single column is timely removed from the runway

5. Normal supporting roof: after the shearer has cut the coal, it shall be moved away in time, the upper head shall be moved to the coal side, and the single column shall be supported from bottom to top according to the column spacing of 500mm. The single column shall be firmly supported against the mountain. If the bottom plate is soft, the column shoes shall be worn, and the specification of the column shoes shall be 300*200*100mm. The support strength of the single column shall be guaranteed. All support point columns shall be tied with the hinged roof beam with 10\\e iron wire to prevent the falling rope, so as to prevent the personnel from being injured due to the failure of the point column. The last row of point columns near the old pond side shall be provided with dense points, but the quality and accuracy are relatively inferior to those of imported electromechanical columns, and the column spacing shall not exceed 300mm

6. Pillar retraction:

a. the pillar retraction shall be undertaken by experienced old workers. Before pillar retraction, the retreat route shall be cleared, the protective pillar shall be installed, the roof shall be observed, and the relevant provisions on pillar retraction and top caving in the coal mine safety technical operation procedures shall be strictly implemented. Long handle tools shall be used for column return, and remote operation shall be implemented. The length of handle rope shall not be less than 1.5m, and the length of hook shall not be less than 1.5m. Three people shall cooperate. One of them shall be responsible for lighting and supervision, one shall return to the column, and the other shall pull the hook to the column

b. when returning the column, if the roof is pressed, the column is seriously deformed, and there is no obstacle step sinking within 300mm around the instrument, the column shall be stopped immediately, and the personnel shall be evacuated. The column can be returned only after the pressure is stable. When returning to the post, there must be a team leader or district manager to command on site and deal with problems in a timely manner

c. in the process of column return, if it is necessary to change the column, it must be supported first and then changed. It is strictly prohibited to carry out empty roof operation

d. the returned columns and beams shall be transported to the designated place in time, stacked or transported away to ensure that the emergency exits and sidewalks are unobstructed

e. in the process of removing the pillar, in case of dead pillar, non unloading pillar and buried pressure pillar, the pillar that conforms to the height must be erected under the same top beam, and then the undercover gangue discharge method shall be used to return

f, safety measures

① during construction, the system of "knocking on the side and asking for the top" and the principle of "supporting before changing, supporting before returning" must be strictly implemented, and empty roof operation is strictly prohibited

② during column return, strictly follow the "triangle column return method", from bottom to top, from inside to outside, and the personnel shall stand above the inclined column and return the column under the protection of two intact columns. Do not use a pick or other tools to replace the unloading handle for unloading, and do not hit the oil cylinder with a hammer

③ before bolting the column or beam, carefully check the surrounding conditions of the top plate. After judging the safety, quickly tie the rope sleeve to the column beam. It is strictly prohibited to tie the rope sleeve to the movable column

in case of any other matters not covered, strictly follow the instructions in the following table:? 1506 mining face operation procedures? Relevant regulations shall be implemented

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