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Supply side reform of in-depth service for plastic futures brand delivery in June, the current use of plastics in China climbed year by year for 3 days. The salon "plastic futures brand delivery helps supply side reform" hosted by the big business exchange was held in Beijing. Some experts said at the salon that in march2015, Dachang exchange adjusted the original recommended brand delivery system of PVC futures to the delivery registered brand system, further clarifying the delivery subject matter and enhancing the representativeness of futures prices. Since the introduction of the system, the market has responded positively and transactions have become increasingly active. Under the background of the supply side structural reform, the brand delivery system of plastic futures has better played the influence of the brand and played a positive role in promoting the structural adjustment of the plastic industry

the relevant person in charge of the overseas fixture dealers said that the dealers will continuously adjust the registered brands and inspection free brands for PVC futures delivery according to the conditions of the futures and spot markets, continue to track the implementation effect of the PVC futures delivery registered brand system, optimize it in a timely manner, and consider the necessity and feasibility of extending the system to LLDPE, PP and other relevant futures varieties, so as to better serve relevant industries and the real economy

it is reported that since the PVC futures contract was listed on may25,2009, the market liquidity has been insufficient due to factors such as excess spot capacity, industrial structure adjustment, unilateral downward trend of spot price, etc. At the same time, PVC spot trade has distinct brand characteristics, but the futures delivery has not framed the brand range available for delivery, which leads to the weak representativeness of futures prices, and also affects the enthusiasm of buyers to participate in the futures market to a certain extent

"in order to promote the futures market to better serve the real economy, on the basis of in-depth demonstration and extensive consultation, the big commercial exchange adjusted the original recommended brand delivery system to the delivery registered brand system in march2015. Only the brands recognized by the exchange can be traded, enhancing the representativeness of futures prices. This system has been implemented since the v1604 contract." Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the big business office

specifically, only registered brand PVC products can be used for delivery. On the basis of registered brands, manufacturers can further apply for becoming inspection free brands. For registered brands, delivery still needs to pass the inspection before registering warehouse receipts. For brands exempted from inspection, the owner can exempt from quality inspection by providing the original product quality certificate and other materials issued by the manufacturer when warehousing

at present, the 11 registered brands of PVC products determined by Dashang include Yihua, Tongbao, elion chemical, and INET (000635, Guba). The premium among the brands is temporarily set at 0 yuan/ton, of which INET is an inspection free brand

yangshanghui, Deputy Sales Manager of Ningxia yinglide Chemical Co., Ltd., said that "yinglide brand" PVC has become an inspection free brand, which is highly recognized by the big commercial exchange for the company's management system, which has laid a solid foundation for the company's products to smoothly enter the future delivery link and reduce customer delivery costs, and the company's market recognition has been improved

"since August, 2009, our company has carried out PVC hedging business, strictly controlled risks for the purpose of hedging and locking in expected profits, and achieved good results and valuable experience. Since 2009, the company has obtained a total closing income of 33.8306 million yuan, and a combined net income of 61.8757 million yuan." Yangshanghui said

on May 19, v1605 contract completed the first delivery since the implementation of PVC futures delivery registered brand system, with 1675 tons of physical delivery, and the delivery process was smooth and smooth. Among them, 400 tons of goods are inspection free brands, which are stored in Zhejiang international trade warehouse. The remaining 1275 tons of goods involve three registered brands, which are stored in Jianfeng trade warehouse, Guangzhou Basan warehouse and Changzhou Benniu port respectively

from the situation of this delivery, inspection free delivery can significantly improve the delivery efficiency and reduce the delivery time cost and inspection cost. Before applying for registration of the futures warehouse receipt, for the goods that need to be inspected, it usually takes 3-5 working days to apply for inspection and inspection. In order to avoid timely exchange of goods when they fail to pass the inspection, they need to be inspected earlier, which will take longer for good economic and social effects. For inspection free brands, the warehouse receipt can be applied for registration on the day of warehousing, which is more efficient. At the same time, due to the exemption from quality inspection, the seller can save the inspection cost. It is understood that the seller of the inspection free delivery completed the warehouse receipt registration on the same day on the basis of complete material preparation, which greatly shortened the time of warehouse receipt registration and reduced the uncertainty of the warehouse receipt registration process

"from the practice results, the registered brand system for PVC futures delivery has obvious advantages. Firstly, it saves the quality inspection time of the seller's customers. 2. liquid crystal rubber tensile testing machine: the rubber or elastomer elongation is relatively large and the cost, so the delivery process is greatly shortened. Secondly, it can better supplement the delivery source when the market resources are tight. In addition, for manufacturers, the inspection free brand greatly improves the market popularity." Said Zhang Tao, head of Yong'an futures industry development headquarters

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