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With years of exploration in the medical device industry, heshibi chemical showed its unique advantageous products and supporting solutions at the 2013 China International Medical Device Design and Technology Exhibition (medtec2013)

this exhibition and Shibi chemical brought many products of more than 20 excellent brands, such as Lubrizol, ExxonMobil, Kuraray, Styron, vertellus, DuPont, Arkema, skch, especially emiscals (SK Chemistry) during load removal. There was a warm response at the exhibition site, and a large number of visitors went to heshibi chemical booth for negotiation and exchange. TPU series products can be used in transparent hose, medical protective film, blood bag and other directions, and vistamaxx elastomer can be used in medical device accessories. These main products have attracted wide attention from the audience. The innovative applications of hybrar series elastomer, Hytrel series TPEE and calibre series PC have also inspired the visiting experts' new ideas on R & D

in addition, heshibi chemical has also brought an innovative knowledge management system km, which is independently developed by the company. Km knowledge management will cause great environmental pollution. All products on the station can be seen at a glance, convenient and easy to use. Km knowledge management system strives to make complex work simple and effective, reduce repeated communication and contact points, so as to shorten the distance with customers and suppliers and make the work more transparent. Partners can quickly share products and services with each other, effectively bridging the knowledge gap that heshibi itself provides solutions for customers. In order to better serve customers, heshibi chemical also innovatively launched a barter platform, which is committed to revitalizing the backlog of funds and balancing the production capacity of the chemical industry chain. Heshibi chemical is no longer a pure material supplier. It will play a balance role between demand and supply, and formulate solutions according to demand

medtech China has been successfully held in China for 9 years. Undoubtedly, MedTech China has developed into a professional exhibition with a leading position in China's medical device manufacturing industry. It is a wind vane for the industry to ensure that the equipment exhibition can be used normally. The successful convening of the exhibition has promoted the continuous emergence of new products and highlighted the booming development momentum in the field of medical devices. As one of the high-quality exhibitors, heshibi chemical is duty bound to promote the better development of the medical equipment industry. Bringing more future innovative solutions to the industry is the next important topic of heshibi chemical

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