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Do you know many problems when decorating the house? In fact, many problems also exist in our life when decorating the house, so there are many problems to be seen when decorating the house. What about the Feng Shui organization of house decoration? Let's have a look

house decoration Feng Shui organization

home decoration house common sense

1. Kitchen decoration Feng Shui

kitchen decoration should be good, which is the basic principle of kitchen decoration, which is conducive to the health of family members and the harmonious relationship between husband and wife. In terms of kitchen decoration, we must put it in a fixed and accurate position. The washing machine cannot be placed in the kitchen, nor can we wash clothes in the kitchen, because the kitchen is where the kitchen king is, and the sacred place. Cleaning dirty clothes will affect fate

2. Toilet decoration Feng Shui

when the toilet is decorated, the door is not suitable for facing the kitchen. As the saying goes, water does not leave money. If the bathroom and kitchen door-to-door, it will form “ Sheung Shui ” Penetration “ Launching ” In the process of bedroom decoration, attention should be paid to that the bedroom door cannot face the mirror. Otherwise, it may lead to disharmony and mental weakness of the host couple. At the same time, the bedroom door cannot be facing the head of the bed to prevent neuralgia and headache. The head of the bed cannot lean against the bathroom wall to prevent back pain and rheumatic pain. Beds are not suitable to be placed under beams and columns to prevent nervousness

4. Wedding room decoration Feng Shui

wedding room decoration is the first step for many newlyweds to pursue a happy life. In the process of wedding room decoration, the first thing is to choose a auspicious day for decoration to avoid future troubles. On the wall decoration of the wedding room, it is not easy to put travel photos on the wall, so as to prevent the loss of spring and bad luck. And the wedding gifts are uncomfortable. If they are placed in the wedding room, it will be bad for the new couple. In addition, when decorating and placing plants in the newlyweds' house, the ones with large leaves should be selected, and the ones with sharp leaves should be avoided. There is also a new bedroom can not be placed in the aquarium

5. Study decoration Feng Shui

the study should be selected in the prosperous position at home. The kitchen in the study should not be too high, and the desk should not have a sense of oppression. The desk should not be placed under the beam. At the same time, the light in the study should not be too strong, it is not easy to have too many electrical appliances, and it is not easy to have too many portraits, so as not to make people insane. (guidaye Feng Shui

house decoration Feng Shui taboo

(I) house with high right and low left

Feng Shui, left Qinglong, right white tiger. If there is a tall house on the right side of the house you live in, then you should be careful about your health. If you encounter such a house, first, it is bad for wealth and second, it is bad for health. If your luck is average before you live in this house, your luck will be worse after you live in it. Houses like this must be resolved very early, otherwise it will be very unfavorable

(II) house Feng Shui avoid not seeing light

the so-called house without seeing light means that no matter how good the sun is during the day, there is always very little sunshine in the room. Such a situation leads to the aggravation of Yin Qi. The direct result of the aggravation of Yin Qi is bad temper, which is easy to produce contradictions between husband and wife, and the other is also the most unfavorable wealth

(III) the bathroom or kitchen has a door

there is an old saying that money cannot be kept. Like the bathroom or kitchen facing the door “ Sheung Shui ” Direct “ Launching ” The pattern is unfavorable for wealth. The center should not be polluted. This means that the central part of the house should not be used as a toilet. At the same time, the toilet should not be located in the center of the rear half of the house, just in line with the gate, because it is likely to lead to financial losses

1 “ in toilet Feng Shui; Si Yi &rdquo

(1) it is better to press on the evil side than on the auspicious side

(2) the bathroom should be hidden

(3) the bathroom should be kept clean

(4) the bathroom should be ventilated

2 “ in toilet Feng Shui; IV. no &rdquo

(1) toilets should not be opened in the south

(2) the toilet should not be opened in the middle of the house

(3) toilets should not be opened in the southwest or North

(4) the bathroom should not be changed into a bedroom

(IV) the door is facing the door or kitchen

if the balcony is facing the door or kitchen, the reunion function of the home will be weakened, the husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will be red apricot out of the wall, and the child will not be allowed to go home. The curtain can be pulled up for a long time as a barrier. The entrance and exit gate should not be directly facing the balcony, which forms the so-called " Pierce the heart "e;, It's not easy to gather money at home, and there are many things to lose money. Before and after, people and money are empty. Solution: make a porch cabinet to block between the gate and the balcony, and place a fish tank at the entrance of the gate (those who hit water taboo cannot put a fish tank, which can be replaced by a screen)

the direction of the Feng Shui door in house decoration

1. The living room should be set in the front of the house

after entering the door, you should first see the living room, while the bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be set in the back of the house. The use and configuration of space are reversed, and the wrong setting of the living room in the rear will result in a pattern of returning money, which is easy to make money go downhill

zhujiawang is located at the diagonal of the gate, so it is not suitable to hang a mirror, because the mirror has the effect of reflection, which is easy to hinder the fate of the family; So that wealth is not good and opportunities are lost. Wang Wei should place mascots that can contribute to good fortune. The best way is to plant green plants with broad leaves and vitality

2. Don't face the elevator directly at the door

make mistakes in financial investment, make people get in and out of money, and damage the wealth of their families

3. All doors should be opened from the left

the so-called left Green Dragon and right white tiger. The green dragon should move on the left, and the white tiger should be quiet on the right, so all doors should be opened from the left, that is, people should open from the inside to the outside, and the door handle should be set on the left. If the door is opened upside down, it will easily lead to family disputes




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