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Ceiling refers to the decoration of the top of the housing living environment, that is, the decoration of the ceiling, which is one of the important parts of home decoration. However, attention should be paid to the installation of ceiling, and the floor height of residence is very critical. If the floor height is very low, or even lower than 2.5 meters, then it is not suitable for large-scale ceiling, but it can be suspended in a small area, and consumers are easy to fall into misunderstanding when decorating

first, avoid the misunderstanding of material selection when installing high-quality ceiling

material selection is the first step of home decoration. Many people basically can't see the test report of ceiling materials, so they can only choose the ceiling from their own point of view. Therefore, consumers have to choose good materials by themselves, so they must avoid the following four misunderstandings

myth 1: don't let the price blind your eyes

the ceiling can be divided into metal ceiling and gypsum ceiling. Generally, the living room uses gypsum ceiling, while the bathroom kitchen uses metal ceiling. Although it is the same kind of ceiling, the price is also different. Some people think that the ceiling is only a small part of decoration, and purchase affordable materials; Some people value expensive materials and think that the more expensive the better. These blind pursuit of price will lead to wrong material selection

small editor's advice: for metal ceiling, the price difference of plate is relatively large due to the different purity and surface technology of aluminum. The best gusset plate is imported LG coated plate, which has no color difference and will not change color for 30 years. The worst is the spray board, which is easy to be stained with lampblack, toxic and easy to change color. Therefore, the majority of consumers should pay attention to the material while paying attention to the price

Myth 2: metal ceilings are environmentally friendly

don't think that only materials that release formaldehyde will have environmental protection problems. Many people think that metals are relatively environmentally friendly and do little harm to human body. In fact, this is also some common misconceptions when purchasing ceilings

tips: high quality metal plates are relatively environmentally friendly, but poor quality metal plates contain heavy metals, which have radiation to the human body. And high iron content is easy to rust, poor quality film is easy to breed bacteria, LG film is clean and antibacterial

myth 3: only care about the thickness of the plate

when choosing metal ceiling, consumers want to choose materials with better quality. Some people blindly believe that the thicker the plate, the better the quality. This is one of the common misunderstandings in the purchase of ceiling plates. The thickness of plates does not represent quality, but too thick plates will affect the appearance and durability of ceiling

small editor's tips: the key to judging the quality of plates is the material, the purity of aluminum, high-quality aluminum gusset plate is light and elastic. Poor quality aluminum gusset plate has high content of iron and heavy metals, and the plate is heavy and easy to break. Therefore, the thicker is not the better. Household ceilings are generally 0.55mm, 0.6mm and 0.7mm thick

myth 4: the larger the plate, the better

some homeowners believe that when buying the plate, choosing a larger one can save a lot of expenses with less consumption, but the result is that the installation effect is not good, and the ceiling cannot achieve the desired effect

small editor's advice: the larger the ceiling gusset plate is, the better. As long as it meets the national standard, the width of aluminum gusset plate on the market is generally between 10-15 cm. According to the actual situation of the space, the smart consumer is to choose the plate of appropriate size





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